Our Approach

We are Flexible and Adaptible

At Indigo ICT, we understand that each project has unique requirements and circumstances and thus we do not commit ourselves to using a single approach or project management methodology. Our in-house methods draw from the best features of leading systems including PRINCE2, PMBOK and AGILE/LEAN schools of project execution to ensure that the most appropriate method of delivery is chosen under each circumstance.

Standard elements across our projects will generally include some or all Cheap Jordans of the following:

  • Business Requirements Gathering and Feasibility Studies.
  • Iterative Client and Stakeholder meetings and review cycles.
  • Business Process Analysis outlining the As-Is and To-Be processes.
  • Analysis and cheap nfl jerseys Design of an end-state solution incorporating all relevant aspects of People, Process and Technology to achieve desired results.
  • Installation, Configuration and Build of the Cheap Jerseys end-state solution.
  • Preparation of Test Strategy and Test Plans.
  • Smoke, Unit, System and Regression Testing cycles.
  • User-Acceptant Testing cycles.
  • Change Control and Defects Management.
  • User Training and Documentation.
  • Operational Readiness Rajasthan, Planning.
  • Data Migration and Rollout Planning.
  • Post-Live Support and Break-fixes.
  • Post-Implementation Review and Project Closure.

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